Why the name AHAM:

Therapy is an extremely personal and intense experience for everyone who is a part of it- the name AHAM represents and celebrates the individuality of each client by making the process of therapy about them and not about their illness

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Our Mission

My mission is to provide genuine and authentic psychological help to those experiencing mental health concerns. To make therapy a productive and enriching experience, where the client not only FEELS better but also GETS better.

Our Vision

My vision is to make mental healthcare accessible to as many people as possible in order to be able to beat the growing number of Mental Ill Health concerns and Lowering Quality of Life.


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I had lost my willpower to live.The moment I started therapy there was this comforting feeling that someone was there for me.I've noticed tremendous change not only in my behavior but also in my actions since I started my sessions.Ishwari has always been calm and composed through allmy breakdowns and she is always there for me as a guide.
I remember once while talking with my parents we had an argument and somehow my input in that came out so stable and confident that they were shocked too! Do you know why? Because of therapy.

" Testimonial 1 "

Therapy made me look at the accountability of my actions.It has made me more self reflective and introspective.I learnt how to sit with my emotions but at the same time not letting them get the best of me.This was mainly helpful with my crying spells where earlier I used to spend crying but eventually I started actively regulating my emotions and controlling the spells.Therapy has also made me grateful,and on days where I feel gloomy I remember the positive things in my life rather than ruminating on negative thoughts.
- Client S.S.

" Testimonial 2 "

At first,I had never expected that kind of therapy would help me come out of what I now know was depression.I felt like no one would be able to understand me.But since the first session,I was given some different activity and I started feeling it's uniqueness.She gave me regular home assignments which I followed and it helped me to improve faster.
Ishwari was the one I could frankly convey whatever was on my mind.She completely understood what I was feeling and give me techniques that were relevant to my situation then.This largely helped me in feeling better.

" Testimonial 3 "

"I remember when I first met Ishwari, I was in a state of 'inertia'.Looking back on it,I realize I have come really far.It is easier now to think about my problems as something solvable rather than impossible obstacles.Through therapy,I have become more patient with myself and productive than before. I was skeptical about starting therapy with Ishwari as the other therapists I had worked with had not benefitted me much.But she is the longest I have stuck with for therapy and I hope to keep working towards self healing with her"     Client B.K.

" Testimonial 4 "

I was dubious of starting therapy, but session with Ishwari have really helped.
I have started recognizing my problems, have better control over my emotions and have learn to be kinder to myself than before.
I'm in a much better mental state right now and all credit goes to her.
There are ups and downs in life and for some downs you need a ladder to get back up.Therapy was that ladder to me.

-Client S.R

" Testimonial 5 "

Although I had been to the psychiatrist before as well,this time I also tried out therapy and it had a lion's share in getting me better.Therapy made me feel positive and assisted in very tough times. It helped me to look in same situation in a different (rational) way.Life problems have not changed much but my views towards them surely has.I would highly recommend Ishwari as therapist for teens and individuals facing mid life crisis,as age factor helped me build a connect with her in our session so far.
- Client K.Z

" Testimonial 6 "