Therapy Session


Ishwari Marathe

M.A. Clinical Psychology,

Primary & Advanced training in RECBT

Associate Fellowship in RECBT

Albert Ellis Institute, New York,USA

Phone: 9833734619


YouTube & Instagram: The Talking Therapist

Thank you for showing interest in bettering your mental health. I welcome you on this therapeutic journey. Following are the details of the sessions with me: The sessions will ideally be once a week for a minimum of 40 minutes and maximum of 1 hour. These will be scheduled one at a time. This is flexible according to the client’s requirements. For most cases a standard treatment module of 8-14 sessions is followed with gradual reduction in session frequency once the client starts getting better. Please note, the number of sessions is not fixed and can change case-per-case. You can opt for an online session conducted via WhatsApp / Google Duo / Google Meet / Skype. If the online session encounters technical or connectivity issues, the session will continue on audio call. You can also choose to meet me in person at my clinic in Thane (W). Fees and Payments: The professional charges for each session will be INR 2000, to be paid in advance. Charges for the couple’s therapy will be INR 2500 and each session will be for 90 minutes. In case the client cannot afford these rates, a discount of 15-25% can be considered for genuine financial crises (contact me for further discussion).

Patient Confidentiality and Preparation:

My bank details:

Bank Name: YES Bank

Bank Branch: Thane Talaopali

Account Holder: Ishwari Marathe

Account Number: 007750700000701

IFSC Code: YESB0000077

A strict and high amount of client confidentiality will be maintained, broken only to people listed as emergency contact under conditions where the client poses a serious risk to the life and safety of self and/or others. The sessions I conduct combine many treatment modalities but primarily focus on Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) and/or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). I shall strive to provide the best therapy, client care and counselling. Each session is tailored to meet client requirement. I believe that therapy is a collaborative process. To promote efficiency, I encourage commitment and dedication from you in the following ways: Kindly carry a notebook and pen with you to the sessions for taking notes of important points during the session. Kindly ensure that you are well rested, fresh and alert for the session. Try to keep each session free of distractions. Noise, phone calls, other clashing commitments only lead to reduction in quality of therapy. Try to maintain regularity for greater effect. Cancellation Policy: Rescheduling- No rescheduling charges if done more than 12 hours in advance. Any rescheduling done within 12 hours shall be considered cancellation of old session and will be charged. Cancellation- If the session is cancelled by the client more than 12 hours in advance, the entire amount will be carried forward to the next session. Unfortunately, this would not be possible if the session is cancelled by the client post the 12- hour mark or the client fails to show up for the session. Late Policy- If the client is late for the session the missed time will unfortunately not be extended post the 1-hour mark. In case of further questions, please contact me on: +91 9833734619 Looking forward to a productive and helpful collaboration!